Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year > New Ventures

Nearly five months since my first (and most recent) blog post- wow, way to take initiative, Mariel. Yes- that is my real name... and the reason I'm using my real first name now is because of a very recent development in my life.

I'm starting a business... finally taking action on my creative/entreprenaurial nature. For so long, I've wondered "What.on.Earth could *I* do that I haven't seen before?"

And then I found It. Aprons.

So silly, I know. There are a thousand and one aprons to be had... all colors, shapes and sizes. And I had quite an impressive selection of them. But you know what? They ALL failed me. I'd end the day with soaking wet clothes, splattered breasts (well, the shirt that covered them :P) and worried that I'd never be able to get the stains out of the clothes I was wearing. Instead of doing something with it, I ended every day slightly cranky, wet and exhausted from the constant dry-wet Self cycle on which I seemed to be living.

Then, while on my weekly Sunday flea market trip - ALONE, I *insist* on going alone - I found this treasure.

An old Singer sewing machine with table for $20! How lucky was I?! I had lofty dreams of refurbishing it.... of sewing precious things for my family with a vintage Singer. A quick cream spraypaint job, a $2 rubber belt and I was good to go but all it ended up doing was a simple straight-stitch. Boring. This is the 21st century! I wanted to really ENJOY my machine, not turn it on and hope it was functioning, like my old White Machine. And then, at Christmas-time, my darling husband bought me this:

An expensive (well, to me, anyhow) BEAST of a Singer machine... thirty-five beloved stitches, and all! I had already been thinking of making an apron... had made myself one on my horrible White machine already but ended up stitching it by hand when it suddenly quit on me AGAIN... so this was THE perfect gift. I also got this pretty green paisley, zippered box to hold all of my little trimmings. Sweet, right?

So I started making more aprons, with the silly notion that maybe other people would want them too. The aprons I made would SERVE ME and MY needs... maybe they could do the same for others while providing us with a small income for our goals? Really- with all the "protection" a regular apron afforded me, I might as well not be wearing one at all. These were perfect! No more wet Self from wiping drips and pools of water off the dishwasher's dishes (dry? My ass, they were!) No more made-for-models aprons that so bunched in the middle of my ample bosom that my shirt was splattered-on anyway. No more SOAKING WET Self, when giving the children their baths.

I've been making these aprons for a few weeks now, only seriously finding my method and groove during this past week, and will be opening my Etsy shop - seller name is TabliersdeProulx - tomorrow! I'm a little bit psychotically excited (is that possible? To be a little bit psychotic? lol) and hope that those of you who order them will enjoy their practicality as much as I do!

I will continue creating blog posts, now, as I've found the baseline I've been looking for in my life. Children, marriage and housekeeping were not "enough", apparently. ;)

 Prepare to be slightly horrified by my home-making and the antics of our three loveable-but-mischievous children.

Thank you for beginning this journey with me. <3

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