Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changing Rooms.

Every few weeks/months, I get a wild hair to throw things around. I mean entire rooms. I've painted just about every room in this house multiple times, moved furniture, put down new flooring, torn down walls, started remodeling the kitchen without fully thinking it through first... I'll suddenly start not liking a room and tear it apart. Of late, after all the rooms I've redone, my changes are more subtle. I've kept myself to changing furniture and decor, instead of demolishing every aspect of the room entirely. :P

Last night, I was sewing and felt cramped. It's understandable, I suppose... the room IS only 68 square feet small and a large dresser takes up one entire wall. My sewing room was our 4.5 year-old son's room and painted a dark blue, to keep him feeling cozy (he has sensory issues in large, bright rooms)... and it became my sewing room because he kept spending so much time sleeping on the floor, between his sisters' beds. I ended up giving him our guestroom, which had a queen bed and dresser. With the dresser moved out and his large Thomas the Train table moved in, it was perfect!

And then the bed seem to swallow him, and the nearby playroom started to bleed toys through to his room. The upstairs was a constant mess of toys and Grayson never quite felt comfortable in falling asleep in "his" new room.

So last night, as I went upstairs to get the children's jammies for bedtime, I took one look at that poor excuse of a cozy, special room for my son and decided to switch it all back. I jammed that queen mattress and boxspring into a large closet, began an absolutely frenzy of dragging many pieces of furniture up and down stairs and through halls and doorways and began re-hanging a dozen pictures, artwork and special things to all of us in the appropriate rooms.

Grayson is joyfully back in his own cozy space and this Mama has a beautiful "new" sewing room... larger, brighter and with room to expand. I have everything organized exactly the way I've wanted it and I can actually SEE it all now. lol. I can't wait to make my first apron in this pretty new room... but for now, I'm going to sit back in my cozy armchair, with a quilt on my lap and drink tea while watching the wedding episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. (Sully is still a hunk to me, years later! lol) As Lisa said earlier... those episodes really take us back to our own childhoods. With inspiration from that yester-yearly life, I just might try making long dresses and pinafores for me and the girls. :)

In the early morning light, with my never-used braided wool rug that finally has a purpose. :)

 The previously-rickety Russian dresser I butchered last summer... it's serving its purpose well now!
 The trimmings that get me excited to sew!
 My new Row of Deeds. <3

My bauble box of goodness, flanked by my Anne and Diana pieces from Lisa
 A few favorites are missing (although THANK you to Sarah and Suzanne for buying them! lol) but... aren't they're a lovely, baubly bunch?!
Ohhhhhhh- such a cozy chair has never existed... especially with a well-wrapped quilt around me. :)

And when I was done with all of that frenzied re-arranging that my my family indulges me during, I found that Miss Evie was rather content in being "neglected."

Got Pillows?


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