Thursday, January 20, 2011

A favorite topic... flea market finds!

Once upon a time, while lamenting that I had nowhere to go *just for me*, my husband ordered me to go out and enjoy myself. Great guy, right?!

Except that I am SO cheap. I think the Rescue Mission is outrageously overpriced... I don't want someone's old bedsheets for $5 or used jeans for $10. I can buy them NEW at that price, if I look around at Marshall's or TJMaxx long enough... and it will actually be something I want, not settling for something that's just barely tolerable. I usually wait for movies to come out at the $1.75 Hollywood theatre in a crusty suburb just outside the city, to which I bring $10 in sushi. :P That's my kind of trade-off. I just don't like wandering around a mall and paying retail... the benefit of a new item is marred by the knowledge that I could get it far cheaper another way. And I can be kind of callous about it- I once asked DH to return a pair of diamond earrings that I received for Mother's Day so I could use that money to knock down/rebuild an annoying wall and install my dream light fixture for the kitchen. Yeah- I know... I'm mean. He knows it and loves me anyway, so there! lol

Anyhow- during my Ordered Time for ME, I stumbled upon our city's flea market.


I don't remember everything I've ever bought - my goodness, so many little things like books and baubles and lamps and dishes - but wow, the collective amount has been substantial. I've been going EVERY Sunday for the past two years, barring maybe twice for severe weather that I literally could not have driven there, much less safely. I don't buy anything anywhere, if I think I can get it at the market. As an added bonus, the things I've found are so much more superior, in both quality AND character, than if I'd bought off the shelf in stores I can actually afford. So many little things really add to the quality of my day... my surroundings are beautiful, to me, and I really don't mind staying home. Since my camera is angry today - some kind of foggy funkyness going on inside of it - I thought I'd share my favorites...

***Prepare for an image overload***

Mirror- $10. Rocking chair- $15. Cabinet in the corner, from which I removed the glass front (a nightmare with three young children) and hung a gathered toile print- $20
 Gorgeous, 8x10 seaglass wool textured rug from Crate & Barrel- $40. PERFECT condition and professionally cleaned, complete with receipt.
 The turn-of-the-century mantle. Yes- it looks like a regular mantle... no big whoop, right? It looks nice enough and rearranging the room gave us what seemed like a LOT more floor space. For $50, it was a steal!

 But THIS aspect of it? Gobsmacking. Gorgeous.

Vintage Singer sewing machine ($2 rubber belt and painted white got it looking like this), in working order. $20.

Yellow silk armchair from the 60's- $23. Our Lady of Czestohowa in an antique, dark wood frame- $10. The print inside is a page from a 1910 Vatican newspaper, in Polish. Love it.

Dry sink- $35. Seattle bar print- $3.

 The girls' dresser, which was in wretched shape but the glass knobs entranced me- $10. A few layers of spraypaint did the trick.

See what I mean about the drawer knobs? They're awesome.

Belgian oak filing cabinet- $40. Yes- it's all solid. Vineyard woman print, matted, framed and signed by artist- $1

Yes- you see that right... a retro-style SCHWINN in perfect condition, with bell, mirrors and a basket- $120. By far the most I have ever spent at the flea market... but since I'd been lusting for this exact bicycle just prior to seeing it at the market, I knew what a steal it was. I ended up buying a trailer for it soon after and toted kids and groceries all over our pretty little village. Can't wait for the spring, to start it up again! <3

"!", you ask? A handmade German nativity set, of course! ;) The heat from the candles propel the upper fans around, turning the different tiers of figures inside. Frickin' awesome, especially for $10. Look up the cost of these bad boys sometime... I would have never bought one of these, barring sudden possession of a small fortune. And probably not even then. lol

Evie, laying on a $3 quilt. Practical and unique... I really love the matching mis-matchedness of this pic. :)

Copper kettle- $5. Before on right... on left, what happens with you rub a little salt and lemon juice on copper. Cool, eh?

A set of twelve teacups and saucers, with purposely different patterns, from Crown Staffordshire of England. They came in the original boxes, from an estate sale, and were marked 1952. All twelve- $30. I was irrationally excited over this aquisition. lol
especially since I had this idea in my mind, all along... frequent tea times with my daughter after her schoolwork was finished and sharing special moments with dear friends. It's perfect.

East Lake Chair in the corner- $45. Scale (functioning)- $1
I'm holding a sick 2 year-old Evie, whom I didn't know had caught Fifths disease- my poor lethargic, achy, blotchy little woman... she slept for days.

My cozy armchair, which made an appearance yesterday, in my new sewing room- $10. The back is covered with soft, deep-orange velvet. 

To close, one of my favorite finds was the very first... an enormous frame with my favorite part of my favorite Gustav Klimt print. It's 2x3 FEET large, professionally framed and the guy gave me a great deal on it because he'd been carrying it around for nearly a year without even an offer. Can you believe it?! $10.

It is showcased as the only item on the only full wall in our master bedroom. Barring an absolute disaster, this print will stay with me for life. Precious.

I hope everyone has a cozy, delicious evening. :)

As a warning, I'll be posting garden and farmers' market pics tomorrow... you'll just have to bear with me until I either fix my camera or buy another. Shouldn't be very long- I have new aprons to photograph!


  1. Love seeing your found treasures in one post!

  2. :) Me too! I keep scrolling through and admiring... I can't wait for Sunday again! lol

    I didn't post a lot of the things. I mean, no one wants to see piles of antique books, the entire Little House series and a bunch of the American girl books that I bought for $1. My Bauble Box has already been shown, as has the braided rug I bought for $3. I could go on and on... love my market! :)

    Today- farmers' market>garden. How I miss seeing all of that greenery!