Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Camera!

As you know, my camera $hit the bed last week and my picture-taking habit has been festering. Well- thank you, Best Buy, for having a way more awesome camera than I planned on getting... nicer even than the one I was hoping for (but wasn't going to get because I'm too cheap) but at the same price as the nicer camera. I love sales, especially when they're 30% off or more!

Nikon Coolpix L110- I lurve you! I can't wait to capture all the kinds of things I usually do but I REALLY can't wait to capture all the lovely scenes that no camera I've ever before owned had the ability to do. You, Oh Nikon, will be taking pictures of beautiful nighttime skies, the sweet happenings that occur in the low lights of dusk and dawn, scenes outside of my car windows that are actually visible and delicious dishes that have only ever looked like swirly blobs of color before now. You, Oh Nikon, captured the hide-grain of our leather couch... it was then that I just KNEW we'd be blissfully happy together.

Here's to the start of a beautiful friendship...

(And yes, that lamp IS swinging in the background... but for the grace of God did this not capture my daughter on the table, getting away from our Puppy-in-Chase. :P)


  1. Awesome! Congrats on your new piece of awesomeness :) Enjoy!

    There is a camera I've been lusting after. Just need to save up and it'll be mine. Mwhahahaa.

    Hey, have you been over to http://shuttersisters.com/ ? They have all kinds of cool info, photo challenges and people to learn from.

  2. Thanks! :) I've already messed up the features once and had to reset to the factory settings. Haha! There are, of course, MUCH nicer cameras that I want... but yes, also at a MUCH higher price tag. ;) I'd have to sell a LOT of aprons to make that kind of camera mine! lol