Saturday, January 15, 2011

An easygoing Saturday

I opened my Etsy shop at noon yesterday! After an eventful day of stalking my own page (haha- I know) and packing up my first two sales, we laid low.

And by low, I mean:

I overbaked the salmon by 45 minutes. Matched with crumbly couscous and no delectable fish/honey/lemon juices, it was delicious. heh. At least the nuked peas were good And milk. I added chocolate syrup to distract us all from my culinary wretchedness.

Later on, the kids wanted to watch a movie... some kind of Rainbow Brite thing. Fine! I made a horrible dinner, watch whatever you'd like. I cleaned up and came back to a camera full of goodness.

WHY they wanted to take a picture of Unicorn Butt, I will never know. Still, they're pretty adorable when they're asleep. All of their mischievous antics are so very worthwhile. Today, we had pizza, played in the snow and watched movies... I hope your long weekend (MLK Day is Monday- don't forget!) is as restful as ours. :)

Sweet dreams, always.

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