Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taking a moment to savor...

Today, with the swirling clouds of snow and teeth-like icicles hanging across the windows, as if to protect us from the approaching blizzard, I'm inspired to take a moment.

I'm being forced  today, to really and truly SAVOR all the simple joys that already surround me:

~First off, blogging from a mountain of enveloping, warm, clean laundry.

~The little girl who fell asleep - here and now - with her sweet pink hand on my bosom, her favorite comfort. Even though it has been two and a half years since she weaned, she always comforts herself by sitting in my lap with a hand to my warm breast. Does she even remember the thousands of hours she spent there while I nourished her body and she nourished my soul? I think that, deep down, she still feels that deep connection to me. How blessed I am, to receive such affection!

~There are a pile of books waiting for me and the children, to be read from a cozy couch, while covered with a cozy quilt, in front of a warm fireplace with the soft light of winter glowing through the windows...

~Looking forward to watching Gwen learn at the kitchen table. Homeschooling her is an amazing gift- I'm able to actually see her mind excitedly burst with greater cognizance and growth.

~The tea time that will inevitably follow... my big girl sharing her ideas and imagination and sweet chatter with me. A quiet pocket of complete contentment in a sometimes hectic day. I can always rely on a moment of mindful rest with my eldest daughter. <3 If we're feeling up to it, we might even try our hands at making shortbread... these days, she's so excited to learn that she'll pull things out of the fridge and cupboard and ask me what we can make from it all. That girl is so very precious.

~Having a room of my own, as selfish at it sometimes seems to me. A room with a lock, even! Knowing that I can escape there, among colorful fabrics, ribbons, wide dishes of threads and beautiful brooches... to either sit back in my armchair with a quilt over me and REST or pick up a few things and decide to make something of them. I love knowing that choice is available to me... it's not a workshop/sewing room. It's a room for me, where I can just be still or create or work through frustrations.

(And there are nine more beautiful pieces, waiting to be pinned up and admired...)

~Knowing that a chicken curry will be waiting for us at dinnertime. Oh- Crockpot, how I love you. lol

~Spending a rare evening with my husband home from work at a "normal" time. He so often works until 9 or 10pm that having him home to eat dinner with us, ready the children for bed and sit to down to relax together before *I'm* in bed is a real treat.

~I know that even after I fall asleep, my sweet blondie-boy will sneak into bed with me and tuck his body against mine... and I will instinctually hold him close until morning. This crazy man-child becomes an angel when he sleeps. I sometimes wake up to him stroking my cheek with his pale, soft hands- *as* he sleeps. He's done this almost since birth... I'd wake up to his hands stretched out, on my face.

Even in the absence of all that I might sometimes consider the Worthwhile Things, these are actually the Most True... the Most Worthwhile... the very Tenderest Moments of my life. These kinds of days remind me to be still in them- to really savor all the goodness that already surrounds me. These simple, sweet,  real things that are the roux for whatever I do in the future or whatever comes my way.

Today is a precious day. I hope you're enjoying your own...

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